04 December 2015


Someone call off the guards.
this is happening whether you like it or not.

I planned power plays with the best of intentions.
hoping for the best just hoping nothing happens.

There wasn't much more than this.
And in an Ikea many months ago I told you this,
Demeber 2015 was the end of this.
And I have to hold strong.
Oh I have to.
Because they said so, because they said...

"Don't hold your breath, baby girl.
don't hold your breath."

And eye lashes and falling stars
and tunnels and 11:11

Time is ticking
(oh person, my person)
time is flying by.

Here's this.
Here's me.
Here goes


(it has been brought to my attention that my blog posts are being stolen and reused. i kindly ask that you stop. i am a mostly independent writer, however i am working closely with a publisher and legal team which means you could find yourself in some weird trouble. best to just leave this alone. thank you.)

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