12 September 2015

My version of an interview transcript.
Setting: My stoop.
Date: August of 2015

"Hey we are at the gate if you wanna let us in..."

I just moved in. Honestly last night. And I scheduled this interview thinking I would be settled a day in. But timing and blah blah blah.

I'm perched on my stoop with my best girl friend by my side talking about boys and drinking PBR between sips of iced coffee. Ukuelele in hand.

"I mean we could try to come back."
"No no, why? You want the real version, here it is! Here I am! Here we go!" I take a long sip of beer and smile. Strum a few notes..."So what do you think? Cute huh?"
They both smile. Someone snaps a photo, the other shrugs, "Which part?"

I laugh and shrug. "What do you need?"

They look at each other. "You're back! I mean S. you are still under some sort of contract so we just want to know what's going on! How are you? What're you working on?"
I smile, "I'm thriving and striving and excelling. And yes he called. And yes you know." I laugh and roll my eyes.
"And no, I won't talk about it. I won't jinx it. What else? Wanna know about my creative process?"

They look at each other and laugh. "You're back! I mean S. we need to know what's going on.  You know the drill."
I smile, "Again, I'm thriving and striving and excelling. And no, I won't tell you about it. And yes you know. And no, I have nothing to say about it."

They look at each other. Jot a few notes. Put phones away. "Do you have any other cold PBRs in the fridge?"

Kick, crack, coast.


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