08 August 2015

Welcome home, baby girl.

It's crazy to be back.
Back in the fold.
Back on the grind
Back back, in SoCali...

I spent a year going forwards in a backwards sense. I took a lot of time to take my time to rebuild, restructure, resurface. And now I'm back in rare form. Ready to build my empire, or something. Or nothing. Or just exist in a new sense and make a path in the best sense. Or whatever.


I'm doing what I know in a place that's changed but still holds so much comfort. I am reworking my ideals now. What this city meant to me before, it has to change. Otherwise I'll fall back into that pattern. And no one wants that.

Oh, and thanks for lighting up phone screens during crazy emotional times, and especially in the middle of the night.

I'll extend on this when the time is right. For now, this ship is finally going along smoothly, and rough waters are the last thing the crew needs.

Here's to me, to us, to them.
To killing it, per usual.


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