29 July 2015

(I don't know that I know what I'm doing now... per usual, when I was feeling ok about things a switch gets flipped and now I willingly took 3 steps backward.)

trying very hard to just keep my mouth shut.
to just keep my hands put.
to keep my eyes front.

calling out for all resources
because a relapse is as a relapse does.

and long sighs and
"how weird is this?"
can't have more than
face value.
but now that I've found
you it's all about you.

I'm still burried under here
and not much can change that.
I'm still grasping out for air
and not much will fix that.

timing is everything.
and the sound of your voice
still calms a lot of things.

we used to sit in small
rooms and discuss our
mine is the same as it
was when the waters
were still swimable.

until next time
I'll be dancing on
boundary lines and
keep on keepin on
with my mission.

or something
or other

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