28 June 2015

"When exposed to trauma, the body deploys it's own defense system. From the first second the brain receives the signal that catastrophe has happened, the blood rushes to the organs that need help the most. Blood flows into the muscles, the heart, the lungs, the brain. The brain makes the decision for the rest of the body to either face the danger or run away. It's a mechanism designed to protect the body from harm. From knowing what has happened might be irreparable.
January 27th 2014-April 24th 2014

We call it shock.
May 28th 2014

When the shock wears off. When the body can accept that a trauma has happened. When it can let down it's defenses. It's a scary moment. It's vulnerable. The shock response has protected us. And it just might have saved us."
June 28th 2015

30 days.


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