22 June 2015


"you pull people in and spin them around and then shoot them out and leave them wondering 'what happened? how can i make it happen again?' and then you just walk around acting like you don't know."

I mumbled through gin laced lips
for passwords that would take me 2
steps backwards. "please, maybe this
time he'll say yes maybe, ugh. please."

I threw fits in meetings with people
of power because I can't handle
explaining why I was the reason
for the
breakup season.

I still love you the same way
a liar loves knowing they
got away with it.
or the way they start buying
into it.

I'm better written than spoken
Miserable and stunning.
Writing love poems for
the too far gone
and just not ready.

"it's charming and annoying. it's like you're getting away with kidnapping. stealing peoples ideals of women and relationships and then sitting back and watching them scramble to find a solution to you. they always think that they could be the one to change you. it's frustrating."

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