27 April 2015

i write you letters

i turn cans into
in every way.

and when the foxes

best to turn your
lights down.

best to make other plans.



  1. So sad you deleted everything :(

  2. I loved reading your old posts. They inspired me. It's sad to see a once vibrant, spirited young lady who I admired and even envied, with your kind of potential wither away... wither into a sad, desperate late twenties woman who resorts to really juvenile social media behavior ("babe" hashtags? Really? And butt pictures? Aren't you a kindergarten teacher?), posts way-too-personal shit all over the internet for attention, etc. All because of a man who dumped her over a year ago. A man who she still is clinging onto in complete delusion, when it's so obvious even to complete internet strangers that he has moved on, 121%, and all the internet stalking and secret and not-so-secret notes in all the world will not change his mind.

    I don't mean to sound harsh, so forgive me if I hurt your feelings. It's just sad to watch, is all. You're better than this. I hope you see that.

    1. You comment as if you know me, where my head is at, how I am really feeling. I am not sad. I am not desperate. In fact, I am the most confident version of myself that I have been in years. My social media behavior is my prerogative. I love my body and the way it looks, and I am proud of who I am. And I'm guessing you are no internet stranger, in fact I have a fairly strong idea that I know who you are. How I cope with my life and the things I have gone through are up to me. And if you want to judge someone on the internet my suggestion to you is that you take a look at your life and the time you are spending to do so. If you don't like what I am doing with my life than you can kindly shove off.


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